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  • Mr. B - Well built and works great!

    I put it out under a tree with some peanut butter and nuts on a tray inside, came out to two squirrels inside it! Dealt with the squirrels and put it back out. Bam, another squirrel! I love this trap. It has covers for the entrances so you can transport them easily. I tried a few other traps and the squirrels just laughed at them. Now I am the one laughing.

  • Kacie - The Foulest Thing I've ever Smelled.

    I am gagging just thinking about this product to compose a review. This stuff is wretched. Delightfully and horrifyingly wretched. I can't say enough good (?) things about it. One spray is all it takes to send people running for cover. I gave this as a gift for my prank-loving husband, and dear God... I don't know whether to pat myself on the back for my ingenious idea, or huddle in the closet and pray that he doesn't get me next. If you're having any doubts about this... just get it. You'll thank me later (or maybe not...)

  • Rhocor - Worst version Hallmark has offered.

    I had no problem installing this version on my Windows 7 computer. Then I strugled for days trying to figure out what Hallmark had done with what has been a great card program for years. As usual they have not added a whole lot of new cards, but that seems to be normal for them. I quickly found out there are several features they have dropped. One being the border function which allowed one to choose a line border, for example, and then adjust the width and margin of that border on a card as well as choose a color. That function is now gone and customer service suggests using borders listed in the frames and border listing in clip art. Not the same as in the past, and you are limited in using those borders.

  • Andrew J. - Amazong Multiplayer

    From a gamer that's played only played COD previously, this one has a gridlock on my attention, & blows Battlefield 4 out of the water.

  • Octavia - Loved it

    Awesome...had me laughing, in shock and in tears...most def a good read...loved it...thank you and keep the books coming can't wait for more

  • PJAZ1 - What a Hassle

    First, McAfee Total Protection has been a good product for our computer for some time now. It has blocked all the idiots on the internet from attacking our computers. However, each year McAfee makes it a harder web scavenger hunt to find out how to activate the product not bought through them. What a pain in the @$$. No instructions with the product, nothing obvious on there web page. This will be the last year of McAfee for us. They can keep their games and lack of customer service.

  • Kenneth D. Gage - Purple Cows, Werewolves and Huge-Ass Ships

    Never before in the histories of High Literature and Surrealism has a book so well captured the longings and desires of the English-reading world. This is the definitive purple cow of a product, remarkably distinct even in a marketplace teeming with herds of purple cows and purpler cow pies.