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  • RdStrcklnd - I love short stories

    I love short stories, and I've found the Best American Series to be the most reliably good collection of them out there. Can't recommend them enough. Hope this helps!

  • Amazon Customer - great story

    My three year old son loves this story! He really thinks his daddy IS a super hero. He keeps wanting to read it over and over. Thanks for a great story that captures a child's imagination.

  • Kage - Great TV

    The largest negative review I saw related to this TV (outside of DoA, which happens with all electronics) was that people did not like the remote. I found the remote just fine to be honest. It much different than remotes of the past with hundreds of buttons. This one takes a simplistic approach, similar to what you might find for Apple TV. Just fine by my standards.

  • Alie Krohn - Confused by previous reviews

    Let me begin by saying I am not taking this in an attempt to lose weight or expect it to miraculously change my life somehow. A friend is a distributor and told me I'd probably like it, because I've been trying to reduce my coffee consumption and have a demanding retail job and I can't always have breakfast before a shift. I drink this in the morning while I get ready, sometimes in just water, sometimes in fruit juice. I think the flavor is reminiscent of tea, I don't find it gross at all, and really look forward to drinking it. I feel that those who have commented and said they threw up after drinking it have never tried a "green" supplement before and were expecting it to taste like a smoothie. It does help me get going in the morning, but taken at 9-10 am I definitely feel tired around 4-5PM and require more caffeine or some sugar. That may just be me. But I have not had or craved coffee since I began drinking this and I will continue to order it. Go ahead and get it from a distributor because it's cheaper, and they'll get credit for your purchase.

  • Bobby & Yvonne - WOW!

    When the laser projector showed up I waited for dark just to see what it might do. I didn't expect a whole lot because although it's a little heavy it's ........small. We have a couple of large cedars and a maple in the front yard with the house sitting in the center. I went out about 30' and planted the light and that small light lit up everything in the front with green and red flashing lights that would take thousands of Christmas lights to accomplish. From the tops of 50' trees to the ground and then some everything was Christmas bound.

  • L. Huston - Awesome!!

    Got this for my Chinese wife, and unlike the relaxing kit which was a complete waste of money, this product is like liquid gold for her hair. She complains that her hair gets dirty easily because it leaves a slightly oily residue on the hair, but it leaves it super soft and beautifully shiny. If you have thick, or very dry hair this stuff is awesome...wish I had bought more.

  • J. Calvin Walker - As Advertized

    I purchased several 24-count containers at a much cheaper price per caplet than the 290-count containers. Super sizing doesn't always pay!